2 Pack Men's Boxer/Brief, CAUTION! HOT STICK


The perfect pairing to our famous Show Me Your Hot Stick women's underwear. 

These are Hanes Red Label Boxer Briefs. The slogan printed on the lower left leg is:



You get two pairs! One in grey, one in black. Both are identical with the HOT STICK logo. Shipping is FREE!

The Hanes Red Label boxer brief is a sporty style that offers the coverage of a boxer with the support of a brief. 100% cotton fabric ensures a super soft fit with long lasting comfort. This long legged style is especially great for athletic guys for two reasons: the Comfort Flex waistband moves with your body so it won't rub, and the length protects against chafing, so you can layer these under workout wear for any activity. The Hanes boxer brief is the ideal everday style for any guy.

A sizing chart is included in the pictures.

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