Be Careful, We Love You

$8.00 – $12.00

Be Careful, We Love You

First seen on our leather lineman wallets, be careful, we love you is a great addition to any line families home. Put it on the door as a reminder that the people at home are thinking of him.

This decal comes in premium outdoor vinyl that will last the life of the vehicle it's on.

This product will ship in a flat envelope.

Make sure to clean your window carefully with window cleaner and a lint free cloth or napkin. Allow drying. Lay your decal flat on a hard surface and use a blunt item such as a drivers license to rub vigorously to get the sticker to adhere to the clear transfer paper. If you begin to pull the clear up from the backing and the decal sticks to it, place the decal carefully back down and rub again. Apply the decal to your vehicle by rubbing. Remove the clear transfer.

Our products are made by a line family, for line families. We're proud to be the original company that developed now industry-wide phrases like Linewife, Linelife, My Heart is On The Line, Brothers Keeper and so many more. Thank you for your support.

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