Fleece Wide Neck Sweatshirt


We really love this style, and it became a natural choice as we update our lineup of clothing. This on point shirt is new for Winter 2016. The fabric is a "sponge" fleece which is both soft and squishy. It is destined to become your new favorite sweatshirt. 

The design is as pictured. We have our "Love My Lineman" Infinity symbol on the sleeve and then the "Linewife" logo at the waist. This gives it a very modern, and original look. 

For those that aren't "Linewife's" or for those who prefer a more traditional look, this shirt is also available with our Infinity Symbol across the chest (with Love My Lineman as text in the symbol) as pictured.

We've also included a picture of the back of the shirt as well as a sizing chart.


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