Erica, Angela, Adam, and Morgin
The Linemen Rock Team

The company was founded a 15 year 2nd Generation Union line family located in Central California by way of Central Ohio.

In 2014 it was purchased by Brilliant Enterprises LLC. This is a small family owned company founded by Adam and Angela Schultz. The company runs internet retail businesses that make and sell fragrances (perfume and cologne), morel mushrooms, and now Lineman Apparel. While that seems like a very diverse set of businesses, and probably is, there is one thing in common. We sell one of a kind products that are Made In America. No one else sells what we sell, we are the retailer and the manufacturer.

We value quality over quantity. We don't buy shirts from another designer or print shop and sell them to you. Our goal is to make apparel that isn't just a unique novelty item, but is actually something that is stylish that you will wear with pride. 

Thank you for visiting our website, please have a look around, we think you'll find something you'll enjoy.