Linemen In Puerto Rico Do More than Restore Power

Linemen in Puerto Rico have been restoring power since Hurricane Maria hit months ago. While they're there, they have also began to restore hope.

We were asked to share a fundraiser to help the guys continue their mission to donate bikes. When we posted, we never expected the fundraiser to grow so quickly.

This just goes to show how much line families put into their work. We see nonstop devastation as we travel to fires, hurricanes, ice storms, etc. Giving back is what we do. 

From their donation page they said:

"Pedaling for Puerto Rico is a crisis fund for underprivileged children affected by hurricane Maria to raise money to buy them bicycles. 100% of the fundraising goes to purchasing bicycles for young boys and girls here in Puerto Rico! Any dollar donated will help. We are a group of electrical contractors here working in Puerto Rico an have seen firsthand the devastation brought on by Maria in the impoverished areas. This is one simple way to bring joy back to these children."

Linemen Raise Money To Give Bikes to Puerto Rico Kids.

You can join in on the fundraiser here: 

The photos these guys have posted are great. Be sure to head over to their  donation page to see more photos and updates.