Summer Break Reduced Inventory & A Surprise

Are you wondering what will be disappearing from our website this Friday, May 23rd?

Here's a list of the items we will be taking off of the website until our kiddos return to school in Mid August. These items are the products that the owner, Krista, makes in her shop in Fresno when they are ordered. The majority of our items are now shipped via our warehouse in Santa Cruz and will remain available for purchase and continue shipping as usual throughout the Summer.


Here's the items we're taking down for Summer.


There is also GOOD NEWS with this change. You'll have to go all the way to the bottom to read it. <3


All Decals. Our extensive decal collection (over 100 lineman decals) had already been reduced for Summer. The remaining limited collection will be taken down Friday night and will not be available again until August.


All of our women's specialty hoodies will be gone after Friday. They will return in mid August.


This includes our americana and azalea hoodies.


Our wideneck bandana, camo and americana linewife and lineman's lady shirts will be gone after Friday as well. They will return in August.


Our brand new cheetah and birds on a wire collections will be retiring until August too.

This includes our new maxi dress, tank and vneck dress.


Our messenger bags, yep, you guessed it. This includes our cheetah LMR bag as well as our new customizable Daddy's Little Grunt messenger/diaper bag.


Our love love crop, linewife lounge and lineman's lady lounge pants are also taking a breather for Summer. Better grab these now before they're gone until August.

And ... our new men's board shorts. Yep. Grab them now or wait until late Summer. Our men's lounge pants will also be taking a Summer break with us.


So, the GOOD NEWS.

There will be other items coming into the store throughout the Summer, most likely the largest increase in designs and products you've ever seen on Linemen Rock. YAY! This includes the addition of men's and women's hoodies, tanks and other super cool items. You'll also see our kiddo designs expand drastically. Three cheers for kids shirts. You'll have to watch our FB page for the details on the new items as they come.

AND, if you're reading this and made it this far in the post, you're getting a special YOU'RE AWESOME discount on the items we're tucking away until August. Just use code IAMAWESOME at checkout to get 10% off of your order.

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