Why We Make Lineman Shirts

Why We Make Lineman Shirts

Over the last two years we've been asked more times than I can remember, exactly why we got into the lineman shirt business. The answer was really simple for us. We didn't really see anything out there that we liked, with the exception of what J Harlen's designers, the Lean brothers, were putting out. T-shirts were just about the extent of the apparel lineup. There were no cute fleece hoodies or trendy wideneck's to be found. 

We were the first to make shirts with rhinestones, the first to coin the term line life, the first to offer lounge pants, the first to make a shirt for retired linemen. It's been easy for us as a real line family to make lineman apparel, because we live it every day. We realized that the lineman clothing industry was lacking. There wasn't any lineman shirts for kids that our boys would wear. Funny lineman shirts were kind of just not funny anymore. 

With linewife and lineman friends and a passion for an industry which has given us an amazing life, we decided to use my skills as a marketing geek and a designer to build Linemen Rock. We're proudly headed by a Journeyman Lineman who earned his ticket through Local 71. My lineman's been working through his education and training since 1997 and was raised listening to his dad tell stories about his years on the line.

We're a 2nd generation lineman's family. I started dating my lineman when we were 15 and spent many Sunday's around the dinner table listening to stories about storms and greased door handles.  I suppose that gives us close to 40 years combined experience in the trade, not including the generation of experience before us. 

So, why did we start a lineman shirt and lineman apparel company? We love the industry. We didn't come into the business for any other reason than to offer the lineman apparel that we couldn't find anywhere else. The stuff that we'd want to wear. The lineman shirts that our kids would want to wear. To bring products to a trade that would allow the men, women and kids to show their pride for the trade. For over 2 years we have worked hard to offer products that we can be proud to offer and that you'd be proud to wear. We kind of feel like we're just getting started.