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new website. new shop. new gear.

Krista Conway

Posted on March 31 2014

The last 6 months have been moving, to say the least. 

We picked up and moved 2400 miles for an adventure in California. 

We left behind employees that had worked with us for nearly two years. 

Well, there's a lot in between all of that. Now we've finally found a permanent shop here in California and we're ready to move forward. This website is the beginning of that. A new season, a new shop and now, a new line. This week, April 1 through April 4, we will begin unleashing a new line we've been sitting on for 3 months. Each day we will upload new designs for each category ... mens, women's, kids and gifts. The bulk of the designs will appear on the website this week, with additional designs filtering in over the month of April. You'll also see some of our staple shirts, the most popular on the website, be reborn into a new shirt all together. 

We hope you'll stick around and see what we're up to. We're excited for this next phase of our business and appreciate all of you who have come along for the ride with us.